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20,000km to raise social awareness and funds for                   in the name of "home" and protection for children

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Tuk -Tuk  Guy

Thailand to Belgium

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Traveling from Thailand all the way to belgium!


I started building the TukTuk in September 2018 in Bangkok, and it is now prime and ready to go ! 


"I do not want to just drive, I want to meet, engage, and have a real life understanding of the different lifestyles around the world."

Dream your life... Live your dreams !

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My name is Sylvain Tihon, I come from Belgium, and I am a young Architect, a passionate traveller, adventurer, and explorer of the World. Having lived in many countries of the world (Belgium, Zambia, South Africa, Rwanda, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Japan) and travelled to a lot of its neighbouring countries, I am always in search of new ventures.


Since the end of my Architecture studies, I have felt the need to explore Architecture beyond the boundaries of my country, I am fascinated by the diversity it offers. I believe that architecture reveals a lot on the way people live. There is an intrinsic link between Architecture and Culture. The notion of home is different to all.

Light .


Motor .


A SYMBOL of Thailand, this ridiculous three-wheeler machine is as if it came from a DREAM. It is the fusion of a car and a motorcycle; best of both worlds. Seduced by the TukTuk and what it could bring to the trip, I decided to build one and drive it from Bangkok all the way back to Belgium (home) in 18 countries for around 8 months.

The 3 wheel Machine

The Driver .

Sylvain Tihon

Rain curtains .


Luggage .


Tuktuk .


Construction Period .


There are many reasons for traveling on the iconic Tuk Tuk and somewhat crazy machine. This is my reasoning:


"I don't want to just drive, I would like to meet, to engage, and to get a better grasp of the world we live in"

I would like to spend time meeting people from different countries and discover their vision of what is "home". To do so, I looked at all the different mediums one can use to travel and what they would bring socially, mentally and physically, to the experience. Certain things came up.


The feeling of freedom of the motorbike was something that fascinated me.


Maybe if I was Forrest Gump!


I want to try something different and new. Part of this journey is about exploring the destinations I visit and taking my time.


That would be fun but I cannot consider it as shelter.

Ironically, I realized one day that the TukTuk was the IDEAL way of transportation. It brings the sense of comfort, at an enjoyable speed to engage with the local population, and also brings the sense of freedom I am looking for. Later on I realized how much of a headache it is to make it happen.

But why the TukTuk? .


Local Transportation?

I want an adventure. Local transportation doesn't provide such a thing.

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A Chance for another Child

The Notion of "Home" and Protection

The feeling of home is very subjective; it is something distinct to everyone.

A house brings us protection from natural elements (rain, wind, temperature, etc.). A home gives us a sense of belonging, a mental stability (protection) that we often neglect. It is all about the « immaterial » (Valentin Rose), about the memory of the scratch on the wall, the laughter, the sadness..

Unfortunately Millions of children worldwide experience the worst kinds of rights violations. Millions more children, not yet victims, are inadequately protected against them.


A child cannot be brought up in such an environment.

Let us do a little part and try to make a big difference in bringing them a safer environment to grow. .

UNICEF uses the term ‘child protection’ to refer to prevention and response to violence, exploitation and abuse of children in all contexts. This includes reaching children who are especially vulnerable to these threats, such as those living without family care, on the streets or in situations of conflict or natural disasters.

"Giving a child a sense of protection is giving a child a home. "

More Info here

The notion of « home » is something that stays fundamental whether you come from one culture or another. It is something that we build, we share, we experience, but overall that we cherish. A home is not just pieces of materials put together, but memories, laughter, sadness, …Life. When people lose this, they lose life. The rebuilding process is both physical and psychological.

What is Home for you ... ?  

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The Itinerary

« Every child has the right to belong somewhere and grow up in a safe, loving, and inclusive environment »

help a child



  • 5 000€ provide essential material for emergency Child Friendly Spaces (CFS): 45sqm tent, tarpaulin sheets, early childhood development kits, recreation kits.. Because CFSs can be established quickly and respond to children’s rights to protection, CFSs are typically used as temporary supports that contribute to the care and protection of children in emergencies.

  • 10 000€ provide access for 30 children to a Makani center in Jordan for 1 year. In Makani (“my space” in Arabic) centers, Syrian refugee children are offered learning support services, lifeskills and community-based protection services. The program aims to promote and contribute to children’s full development and well-being – physical, cognitive, social and emotional.


  • 20 000€ provide rescue and rehabilitation of 90 exploited and/or trafficked children in Nepal. This includes emergency support (shelter, counselling, medical care and legal aid) while the child’s family is traced and assessed and a long-term response is being arranged.


The Parchment


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